My AZ Legal Team, PLLC represents clients charged with driving under the influence (DUI) in the Phoenix area. We focus on the facts and develop an effective defense strategy. An experienced Phoenix DUI lawyer can fight to protect your rights and to challenge the state’s witnesses and evidence against you. If any aspect of the prosecution’s case is weak, a skilled DUI attorney with My AZ Legal Team, PLLC can use that weakness to your advantage. Not all DUI arrests end in guilty verdicts or convictions, and our legal team will use every available legal tool to help you. In particular, an experienced Phoenix DUI lawyer can challenge:

  • The legality of the traffic stop: The police must follow precise legal procedures when making a traffic stop. A police officer must have and be able to prove that he or she had probable cause for stopping a driver. This basically means that the officer had reason to suspect that the motorist was driving under the influence. Probable cause could be erratic driving or even an accident. Any arrest made after a legally questionable traffic stop may be disputed, and if the law was violated by a police officer, it is possible that your DUI charge could be reduced or dismissed.
  • The arrest procedure: When you are placed in custody, a police officer is supposed to read your rights and make sure that you fully understand them. Failure to do this may or may not be grounds for the dismissal of your DUI charge; everything hinges on specific details. If excessive force was used during your arrest – or anything that could be construed as police brutality – that may also work to your advantage.
  • The results of the DUI test: The legal blood alcohol content (BAC) level for driving in Arizona is 0.08 percent, and your BAC measurement is what a DUI test is supposed to determine. However, faulty testing equipment or any violations of the testing procedures could cast doubt on the accuracy of the DUI test results. Our DUI attorneys can dispute the results of DUI tests and in some cases have your DUI charge reduced or dismissed.
  • The testimony of the arresting officer: Typically, the testimony of an arresting officer is a key element in a prosecutor’s DUI case. Let an experienced Phoenix DUI defense attorney represent you, and if necessary, cross-examine the arresting officer with the objective of raising doubts about the veracity of his or her testimony.


At My AZ Legal Team, we understand what you go through after a drunk driving arrest. We know that everyone makes mistakes, and sometimes impaired driving is one of those mistakes. But with your future at stake, you can’t take any additional risks with DUI charges. You need a seasoned DUI lawyer backed by a resourceful legal team with a reputation for tenacity and a record of success. With the real possibility of jail time, fines, lengthy community service, and more if you’re convicted of driving under the influence, it’s imperative to have an experienced Phoenix DUI lawyer with My AZ Legal Team on your side. We’ve helped scores of clients face DUI charges. Let us help you.

Our defense process is simple but it has been proven effective. When you contact My AZ Legal Team for DUI representation, our first priority is to make sure that your rights are protected. The next step involves reviewing the particulars of your case and collecting the evidence and testimony that could further your defense. The final step in the defense process will depend on our investigation’s outcome and your own choices. We will review every aspect your case with you and then explain each of your legal options. Every DUI case is different. Some cases have aggravating or mitigating circumstances. Much depends on whether you have previous convictions. We will use every bit of evidence and every tool available to negotiate and fight for the best possible outcome to your DUI case.


If you or someone you love has been charged with drinking and driving in the Phoenix area, you must hire an experienced Phoenix DUI lawyer right away. Contacting a DUI lawyer right after your arrest is imperative. An experienced DUI attorney stands a very good chance of succeeding in any bail applications made on your behalf. In addition, calling an attorney right after your arrest gives an attorney adequate time to draft and prepare a sound defense.

A criminal defense lawyer with the Phoenix law firm of My AZ Legal Team is the DUI attorney you need. My AZ Legal Team offers a free consultation to all new and prospective clients. If you are charged with driving under the influence of alcohol in Arizona, contact an experienced Phoenix DUI defense attorney with My AZ Legal Team by calling (623) 253-8570 promptly.

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