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    Should you be facing an accusation of violating Arizona criminal law, please don’t hesitate to call My AZ legal Team, PLLC today. The knowledgeable, experienced Phoenix, My AZ legal Team attorneys of this law firm are available seven days a week, 24 hours a day, to assist you. Being charged with violating an Arizona criminal law can result in severe repercussions for you. Entrusting the team at My AZ legal Team, PLLC with your defense is the smartest thing you can do in such a situation.

    Calling our law firm does not automatically mean that you must come up with a retainer up front, either. Because of our group’s unique, no-cost first consultation, we save you this expense until you have settled on deciding to work with us. We offer such meetings to fit your schedule, either in person or on the telephone, any day and/or time that suits you. And if you do ultimately decide to retain our services, you will be pleased to find out that our Phoenix, My AZ legal Team lawyers won’t charge you exorbitant fees in order to take your case.

    Please, contact one of our unique legal minds making up our Phoenix criminal attorney firm and let us get to work on preparing your defense for violating Arizona criminal law. The sooner we get to work on your case, the faster we can help you to avoid the harshest penalties, including fines and jail time. Our Phoenix, My AZ legal Team Lawyers are adept at finding quick resolutions to a variety of violations of criminal law. What’s more, our rates are so competitive that you won’t have to fret over how to pay your legal fees, and can instead concentrate on helping us win your case. If you prefer to pay your legal fees via payment plans and/or financing, we can make arrangements for that as well.

    Why You Should Choose My AZ legal Team

    My AZ legal Team,PLLC

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    We know that you have many choices when you are picking a Phoenix criminal lawyer. Why should you choose the experts who make up My AZ legal Team, PLLC? We have compiled just a few of the many good reasons for you to contact us over others in the area:

    • We have received quite a large amount of excellent positive reviews of our services online.
    • We hold an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau — the greatest rating available.
    • We offer competitive legal rates and financing/payment plans.
    • Our availability is guaranteed to be every day of the week, every hour of the day. This includes weekend and evening availability.
    • Our offices are located throughout the state of Arizona.
    • We offer an initial meeting with a Phoenix criminal lawyer absolutely free of charge to you.

    Categories of Crimes With Which We Work

    Driving Under the Influence

    A study in 2016 ranked Arizona as the state with the harshest penalties for driving while influenced by alcohol or drugs. If you are accused of such a crime in Arizona, you therefore need the best defense against these charges that you can obtain. A DUI charge can lead to serious repercussions, such as paying monetary penalties, losing one’s driver’s license, or even going to prison. Whenever you are stopped while driving by an Arizona law enforcement agent and the alcohol content of your blood is tested and reads at or higher than 08.%, you will likely face a DUI charge. Commercial drivers testing at or higher than .04% also face a charge of DUI. Drivers under the age of 21 with any percentage of blood alcohol content are also usually charged with a DUI crime. The Phoenix criminal lawyers of My AZ legal Team, PLLC can assist you in any and all of these situations and work to find you the most positive outcome.


    Criminal violations involving drugs in Arizona can be categorized as misdemeanors or felonies. The distinction arises from the type of drug implicated in the crime and the actions an alleged perpetrator took or had planned to take with the drug. For example, in Arizona, possession of narcotics and what are called dangerous drugs, such as hallucinogens and methamphetamines, are categorized as Class 4 felonies. Luckily, if this is your first time facing a criminal charge for possession of a drug, you might not be sentenced to jail. If you have one of our experienced Phoenix criminal lawyers defending you, the chances of your sentence being more favorable to you are much greater.


    Arizona criminal law defines assault as either a misdemeanor or as a felony, depending upon the severity of the crime. The legal definition of assault, under Arizona law, includes purposely, intentionally or recklessly causing physical harm or injury to another, or risking the physical safety of another. Assault in Arizona is categorized as either aggravated or simple assault. Regardless of the category of assault with which you are charged, our Phoenix criminal lawyers can assist in defending you against these charges.

    Domestic Violence

    The Arizona Coalition to End Sexual and Domestic Violence notes that every three days in Arizona, someone dies from an incident related to domestic violence. In Arizona, domestic violence is defined as an incident in which one family or household member commits an act of criminal abuse against another. This abuse can be through neglect, physical abuse, economic control, emotional abuse, or sexual abuse. If you have been charged with a domestic violence offense in Arizona, the qualified, experienced Phoenix criminal lawyers of My AZ legal Team, PLLC can help. The district attorney is the only legal professional in Arizona who may drop criminal charges of domestic violence against an alleged perpetrator, even if the victim no longer wishes to press charges against him or her. This is another reason why you need a seasoned, educated Phoenix criminal lawyer on your side if you face domestic violence charges in Arizona.

    Sexual Offense

    Arizona views sexual criminal offenses as crimes with severe penalties. We at AZ Criminal Defense Group, PLLC have defended clients against sexual offenses including, but not limited to: unlawful imprisonment, child molestation, kidnapping with intent to sexually abuse, public sexual indecency, sexual abuse, and sexual assault. If you are faced with a sex offense crime in Arizona, contact a Phoenix criminal lawyer who can help you to steer clear of the most severe penalties possible. One of our talented criminal attorneys are available day or night for a free consultation to discuss your sexual offense case.


    In Arizona, theft can be classified as a misdemeanor or a felony. It is broadly defined as intentionally, and without their agreement, taking control of someone else’s property, depriving someone else of property, or using someone else’s property without their authority. Property that is valued at $25,000 and over constitutes a Class 2 felony. Property valued from $4000 to $25,000 creates a Class 3 felony. If a property in question holds a value of $3000 to $4000, the violation is a Class 4 felony. Or you could be facing a Class 1 misdemeanor theft charge if the property in question is valued at less than $1000. In addition to being subjected to penalties, such as jail time or fines, when you face a criminal charge of theft in the state of Arizona, you will likely be required to pay back the property’s value to the victim in the case. A Phoenix criminal attorney who has the know-how to defend a charge of theft can assist you in reaching the best resolution of your criminal case. Contact My AZ legal Team, PLLC today to find out how we can help you.

    Juvenile Offenses

    Arizona’s Juvenile Court is reserved to hear cases for Arizonans who are under the age of 18 and are charged with a crime. Penalties that you might receive as a result of a juvenile offense include, but are not limited to: being ordered to perform community service, being ordered to a juvenile lockdown facility, being ordered to an adult court to stand trial, being ordered to pay a fine, and being given a probationary term. The Phoenix criminal lawyers of My AZ legal Team, PLLC will work tirelessly to help you and your juvenile loved one to reach the best possible outcome. Call us today to find out how we can assist your child and you to find the greatest resolution of your case.

    Considerations Before Your Free Consultation with a Phoenix Criminal Lawyer

    Reconcile Your Documents

    Gather all of the documentation that you have accumulated relating to the crime you face. You especially want to include documents that the court system of Arizona has given or sent to you. All of the written records that you have must be brought into your free-of-charge initial meeting with your Phoenix criminal lawyer. Don’t leave anything at home – bring everything with you, no matter its size or how insignificant it might seem to you. Everything counts.

    Create Your Narrative

    Before your sit-down with one of our experienced Phoenix criminal lawyers, take some time to yourself to document all that has happened and is related to the crime with which you are being charged. Don’t leave anything out, and please try your best to recall all dates, places and names of people who are involved in your situation. Strive to remember all that you have heard from the Arizona judicial system and law enforcement, and note it in your narrative. We can better present your defense against the criminal charges that face you if we have thorough information about them.

    Others Who Might Be Able to Help

    If you are able to come up with witnesses who can help to provide an alibi for you, who can refute the charges you face, or who saw what actually happened, write down their names and contact information. Bring all of this to your no-charge initial meeting with a Phoenix criminal lawyer. If you are in doubt about including someone’s name and information, include them anyway. Your criminal attorney has the experience and competency to discern who might or might not be able to benefit your case.


    Questions For Your Phoenix Criminal Lawyer

    It is a certainty that you will have many inquiries for your Phoenix criminal lawyer. Notate all of your inquiries prior to your free initial consultation with one of the lawyers making up My AZ legal Team, PLLC. If you are having trouble getting your thoughts together, here are examples of some of the questions clients often ask us:


    • Is there a possibility of dismissal of the criminal charges against me?
    • What options will I face if convicted?
    • Is probation on the table when it comes to my options?
    • Is my criminal case to be heard by a judge or jury?
    • If convicted, will that conviction stay on my permanent criminal record for the rest of my life?

    Other inquiries about your Phoenix criminal defense attorney you might wonder include:

    • Have you ever defended anyone else against criminal charges similar to mine?
    • Can I really contact you any time of the day, any day of the week?
    • Where is your Juris Doctor degree from?
    • Do you typically settle cases out of court?
    • What is your experience in criminal law?
    • How many years have you been in practice as a criminal lawyer in the state of Arizona?
    • Have you ever practiced in other areas of law besides criminal law?

    You can count on the lawyers of My AZ legal Team, PLLC to give you the best defense against the charges you are encountering. After you meet with us, we sincerely hope that you will choose one of our Phoenix criminal lawyers to assist you in your defense. We promise to do all that we can to reach the most positive outcome possible in your criminal legal case.