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Child Pornography And The Law

A man awaiting trial on a child pornography charge in Yavapai County was arrested in October trying to flee the country. The Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office said that agents with U.S. Homeland Security arrested 41-year-old Samir Mahmoud Wadi, who was waiting at an Albuquerque airport to board a flight to Jordan. Wadi was released last […]
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DUI Checkpoints, Task Forces, And You

It’s fall. The holidays are approaching and as always, that means heightened enforcement of DUI laws in Arizona. DUI “task forces” will be looking to arrest anyone suspected of driving under the influence. If you’re arrested for DUI in the Phoenix area or anywhere in Arizona over the holidays, don’t expect leniency. You won’t find […]
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What Betrayal Plus Theft Equals

“Embezzlement” is theft that happens when someone entrusted to manage or safeguard someone else’s money or property steals all or part of that money or property for personal gain. What distinguishes embezzlement from other types of theft is the trust element – betrayal plus theft equals embezzlement. If you are accused of embezzlement in the […]
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Robbery And The Law In Arizona

In the state of Arizona, a robbery is committed if someone “threatens or uses force against any person with intent either to coerce surrender of property or to prevent resistance to such person taking or retaining property.” While a burglary is a theft that’s committed surreptitiously, a robbery involves coercion, violence, or the threat of […]
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Phoenix DUI lawyer

How DUI Has Changed

Over the last few decades, DUI laws have been changed, amended, and tinkered with endlessly. Legislators are always tweaking and revising DUI laws, so you really must have an experienced Phoenix DUI lawyer working on your behalf if you’re charged with DUI anywhere in Arizona. DUI laws were passed originally to protect the public from […]
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Burglary And The Law In Arizona

Arizona law recognizes three “degrees” of burglary, but all burglaries in Arizona are prosecuted as felonies, and if you are charged with burglary, you’re going to need legal help immediately. You’ll need the aggressive representation of an experienced Phoenix criminal defense lawyer. Don’t try to act as your own attorney, and don’t accept any plea […]
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