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If you’re arrested for DUI in the Phoenix area, put your defense in the hands of an experienced Phoenix DUI defense lawyer. When you are in police custody, insist on your right to remain silent and on your right to have an attorney present for any questioning. Otherwise, try to be cooperative. If you don’t, it can make things even worse for you. Most importantly, don’t try to be clever, don’t try to pull any stunts on the police – they are famous for lacking a sense of humor when arresting people – and don’t tamper with any evidence.

In other words, don’t be like Kenneth Desormes or Ross McDonald. In 2014, Desormes was pulled over for speeding on Interstate 95 in New York. State police determined that he was intoxicated and placed him under arrest. He was taken to the New York state police barracks in Tarrytown, given a breathalyzer test, and while his breathalyzer results were printing, Desormes allegedly grabbed the hard copy from the printer and tried to eat it. A charge of criminal tampering was added to the driving while intoxicated charge.

Ross McDonald, in the words of the Huffington Post, “was trying to wipe away his criminal record.” Police officers in Iowa City, Iowa, took McDonald into custody in the early morning hours after Halloween after they stopped him for driving erratically. After first refusing to be tested, McDonald changed his mind after entering a men’s room. According to Iowa City police, McDonald allegedly ate and tried to swallow toilet paper, apparently believing it would invalidate the result of a breathalyzer exam.

Munching mints, guzzling perfume, and even drinking a beer while being interrogated by the police have all been tried. Of course, all these tactics fail. If the police believe you are intoxicated, don’t be clever. It doesn’t help. If you are charged with DUI in the Phoenix area or anywhere in Arizona, do the right thing, and rely on an experienced Phoenix DUI defense lawyer for the legal advice and aggressive representation you will surely need. After a DUI arrest, make the call immediately.

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