Charged with Domestic Violence in Arizona?

Charged with Domestic Violence in Arizona

Charged with Domestic Violence in Arizona?

A domestic violence charge followed by sentencing can leave an indelible stain on your personal and professional reputation. It means that you have acted in a dangerous manner against your nearest and dearest. If followed by a restraining order, this may lead to your losing your job and having your career path forever blocked from meaningful opportunities.

However, the truth is not always what it appears at a first glance. With the assistance of an experienced criminal defense AZ law attorney, you can have the charges against you dismissed, or classified as a lesser offense. In today’s world, this is extremely important. Personal integrity has become equally important as education and professional experience. Thus, you cannot let a case of domestic violence charges to chance.

How Arizona Law Treats Domestic Violence

The term domestic violence is not applicable solely to formal families, consisting of legally married spouses and their children (natural, adopted or stepchildren). The definition of the term includes:

  • Current or former romantic or sexual relationships
  • A victim who is currently pregnant by the other party (irrespective of the circumstances leading to the pregnancy)
  • Grandparents and grandchildren
  • In-laws: parents-in-law, brothers-in-law, sisters-in-law
  • Step-grandparents or step-grandchildren.

Thus, the law, and the way it is applied in Arizona courts, does not follow the misconception that only women and children can be victims of domestic violence. Anyone may be a victim, or become charged with this crime. In any circumstance, your first decision after getting charged should be to contact a criminal defense AZ law attorney.

What Acts May Represent an Instance of Domestic Violence?

Domestic violence is not reduced to physical or sexual abuse. A charge may be brought against a person in case of:

Depending on the type of offense and the severity of the case, the court may hand severe sentences, including:

  • Jail time
  • Community service
  • Taking a mandatory (and expensive) Domestic Violence Counseling course
  • Losing the right to carry a firearm
  • Losing the custody of your children.

Restraining Order: What Is It and How Does it Work?

The alleged victim of domestic violence has the option to request a restraining order against you. If granted by a judge, you may:

  • Be barred from living in your residence
  • Be prohibited from contacting the victim, including at the workplace and at school
  • Lose the custody of children and pets.

Your criminal defense AZ law attorney can represent you at the hearing contesting the restraining order and bring forth evidence that such a drastic decision is not justified. The standard duration of such an order of protection is 1 (one) year and you can file a written request for its dismissal within the entire period.

Do Not Fight This Battle Alone!

You should not go through any of the phases of a domestic violence charge without retaining representation from an experienced criminal defense AZ law attorney. Fighting such charges is very difficult, as you must technically prove that your loved one, the accuser, is lying.
An attorney can identify any weaknesses in the way law enforcement responded to the initial claim, the way they handled your arrest or the evidence they collected. At the same time, the lawyer will look into the other party’s story and try to find inaccuracies and inconsistencies. This is something you cannot do on your own, especially if you are barred from entering your home.

Contact a Criminal Defense AZ Law Attorney You Can Trust

In the difficult days following a domestic violence charge, your criminal defense attorney is the only person 100% on your side. The attorney will tirelessly work for you, looking for every legal way to have the charges dismissed or classified as a lesser offense. Don’t let your future be forever marred by this moment – hire a skilled criminal defense AZ law attorney!

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