Five Things You Must Do

If you are arrested and charged with driving under the influence in the Phoenix area, the first thing you must do is to speak with an experienced Phoenix DUI lawyer as quickly as you can. Here’s a brief list of other things that you’ll need to if you are arrested and charged with DUI:

  • You must take a driving under the influence charge seriously. A DUI conviction goes on your criminal record, and for the next seven years, it counts as a previous offense if you are charged again with DUI or any other crime. Jail, fines, probation, and a number of other penalties may be imposed for a DUI conviction. Take your DUI case seriously.
  • You must adhere to your defense attorney’s advice. An experienced Phoenix DUI defense attorney understands and will explain to you what is expected and what is required by courts in the Phoenix area.
  • You must discuss your DUI case only with your attorney. Discussions with your attorney are privileged communications, but anything that you say to anyone else about your case – a casual comment to coworkers, for example, or a post on Facebook – could be twisted and used against you.
  • You must retain the advice and services an experienced Phoenix DUI lawyer as quickly as you can. During and after an arrest for driving under the influence, be compliant with the police, but insist on your right to have an attorney present for any questioning, and contact that attorney at your very first opportunity.

If you are accused of DUI in the greater Phoenix area or anywhere else in Arizona, arrange right away to retain the legal help you require. An experienced Phoenix DUI lawyer can safeguard your rights and your long-term interests while advocating aggressively for the justice you deserve, but you must not fail to make the call immediately after a DUI arrest.

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