Maricopa’s Crime Rate – High But Dropping

Living in Maricopa County just keeps getting safer. Why? Because the crime rate here just keeps dropping. In fact, Maricopa County’s crime rate has declined substantially more than the crime rate nationally, according to the FBI’s report on crime in the United States for 2014. Last year, violent crime declined by 3.8 percent in Maricopa but only by 0.2 percent nationally. Maricopa County also saw a 5.5 percent drop in property offenses compared to the nation’s overall 4.3 percent decline in property offenses. Still, if you’re charged with a crime in Maricopa County – whether it’s a misdemeanor or a felony – immediately take your case to an experienced Phoenix criminal defense attorney.

The crime statistics for Maricopa County are compiled for the FBI by the Arizona Department of Public Safety. Statistics, of course, can be misleading. These are. Maricopa County’s overall crime rate, despite the recent measurable decline, is still considerably higher than the national crime rate. Statewide, a downward trend can be seen in Arizona’s property crimes, with numbers regularly decreasing over the last ten years. Statewide violent crime totals dropped slightly for the second consecutive year.

If you are charged with a crime in the Phoenix area, don’t put your freedom, your family, or your future at any further risk. Don’t try to act as your own attorney, and do not accept a plea bargain without first considering an experienced defense lawyer’s advice. Retain the services of an experienced Phoenix criminal defense attorney who can help you fight the charge and who will advocate aggressively for justice on your behalf. Whether the charge is driving under the influence, assault, a drug offense, a sex crime, or any other criminal charge, obtain the sound legal advice and aggressive defense representation that you are very much going to need if you’ve been charged with any crime, and contact a Phoenix criminal defense attorney immediately.

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