“Assault and battery” is a phrase used in the media and in some states, but Arizona criminal laws do not use the term “battery.” Instead, assaults are classified as “simple assaults” – which are misdemeanors – or as “aggravated” assaults, which are felonies. If you are charged with either misdemeanor assault or with felony assault in the greater Phoenix area, you should know that an assault charge is considered quite serious in Arizona, and you’ll need to obtain sound legal advice and aggressive defense representation – fast. If you face an assault charge, arrange at once to speak with an experienced Phoenix assault and battery lawyer with the law firm of AZ Criminal Defense Group, PLLC.


Arizona assault laws define simple assault as causing physical injury to someone else, intentionally making someone else fear imminent physical injury, or touching someone else with the intent to injure, humiliate, or provoke. A conviction on simple assault charges is punishable by up to 6 months in jail and a fine from $500 to $2,500. A simple assault becomes an aggravated assault if a weapon is involved, if a serious injury is sustained, or if the victim was a minor or in some cases a public employee such as a firefighter or a police officer. The penalty for aggravated assault will hinge upon a number of circumstances but in the most egregious cases, a 20-year prison term is possible. If you’re charged with assault in Phoenix, get legal help immediately.


If you or someone you love faces charges for assault in the Phoenix area, you must hire an experienced Phoenix assault and battery lawyer at once. A criminal defense lawyer with the Phoenix law firm of AZ Criminal Defense Group, PLLC is the defense attorney you need.AZ Criminal Defense Group offers a free consultation to all new and prospective clients. A defense lawyer will review the details of your case and explain the Arizona assault law along with your legal rights and options. If you are charged with criminal assault in or near the Phoenix area, now or in the future, speak with an experienced Phoenix criminal lawyer with AZ Criminal Defense Group by calling (602) 207-8777
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