What are the Legal Consequences of Theft in Arizona?

What are the Legal Consequences of Theft in Arizona?

People can certainly overcome a criminal past, but if you’re just now facing charges you want to do everything possible to avoid a conviction. A criminal conviction can impact your life by reducing your chances with potential employers, and more. Not to mention the time that you could spend in jail, or the fines that could come with a guilty conviction. A strong defense is the best approach to attempting to avoid all of these issues.

Theft is something that is often misattributed. People rely on a blurry surveillance camera for partial identification or take advantage of the fact of a lack of an alibi. The thing is that theft is difficult to prove, but police and prosecutors like to think that they can just tell when someone is lying or when they’re a thief.

Charges and Stigma

Charges for theft range from shoplifting to stealing a firearm. What typically sets the charge, or the felony level is the value of the allegedly stolen merchandise, the item, and the mode of theft. For example, shoplifting merchandise under the value of $1,000 is a small misdemeanor that probably won’t come with jail time. However, stealing a firearm is clearly a much bigger issue.

The state must prove that you obtained the property. But, even if they don’t do that the charges are often enough to start creating the stigma. If someone noticed a local news piece with your name and the charges then people may start labeling you a thief before you even get to court.

There are multiple elements to a theft charge and many potential penalties. The first penalty that nearly everyone accused of theft experiences is the stigma associated with the allegations. When looking at defenses it’s possible that you can claim you own the property, or that you obtained it legally. But, in both cases, it’s left to the accused to prove their association with the property in question.

Can Past Criminal Activity Impact Upcoming Cases?

You may have outgrown a criminal past and still, these new charges can pose trouble. Criminal history should not impact your case unless it’s relevant to the case or maybe brought up during sentencing. That is only in the event of a guilty verdict.

Anyone who’s faced a criminal charge in the past has gone through the complete list of challenges that come with a criminal case. It’s possible that with a conviction that person may not have access to certain jobs, security clearances, and more.

Protect Yourself From These Ongoing Issues

Don’t let criminal charges for theft deter the rest of your life. Even employment background checks can become a worry when you’re looking toward your future but have theft charges in your lap. Talk to an Arizona criminal trial attorney to take your case to trial and start building your defense.

Whether you’re facing charges for violent crimes such as assault, or non-violent crimes such as fraud you could experience a lifetime of a negative impact if convicted. To put your best foot forward, and build your strongest stance, involve an Arizona criminal trial lawyer. With an attorney, you can face the charges head-on with an experienced professional that shouldn’t allow you to fall into an unfair situation that would follow you for years.

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