What Is Insurance Fraud In Arizona?

If you deceive an insurance company to receive money that you are not entitled to receive, you’ve committed insurance fraud. In Arizona, the criminal justice system treats insurance fraud quite seriously, so if you are charged with the crime, you’ll need experienced, aggressive defense representation at once. You’ll need to retain the services of an experienced Phoenix criminal defense attorney. Insurance fraud happens in several ways. Fabricating claims regarding injuries or property damage that never happened – or exaggerating the extent of injuries or damages – is the most common insurance fraud, but if a phony insurance agent sells you a bogus policy, or if your legitimate agent or broker pockets your payment rather than applying it to your policy, those actions also constitute insurance fraud. Overcharging or falsely charging an insurance company for services never performed is insurance fraud, whether you are a surgeon or an auto mechanic.

To convict a defendant for insurance fraud in Arizona, a prosecutor must prove that the defendant intended to benefit financially from a bogus claim or a false billing. If you’re interrogated about insurance fraud or arrested on the charge, insist on your right to have your lawyer present for any questioning. A conviction for insurance fraud almost always means prison and steep fines. Restitution payments may also be ordered by the court. Professionals can lose their right to work in the healthcare field or in the insurance industry.

Have an experienced criminal defense attorney review your case if you are charged with insurance fraud. A good defense lawyer will find any flaws in the state’s case against you and will fight for the justice you need and deserve. Don’t even consider facing an insurance fraud charge by yourself – far too much is at risk. If you are accused of insurance fraud or any other white-collar crime in Arizona, immediately arrange to consult with an experienced Phoenix criminal defense attorney.

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